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Groel is ecology

Since Groël begun producing door handles back in 1998, we established a production line based on ecological criteria that are now visible in all our phases.

Groël is pure ecology. Today, we apply strict and environmentally friendly quality policies to all our products, involving suppliers and of course our employees, within a framework that we consider to be common. What started as a personal commitment has become a corporate philosophy in line with the current industrial situation: we scrupulously comply with environmental legislation and regulations, betting day after day on a management model based on sustainable economy.

Nowdays, our R+D+I department has set up a procedure model called “ECOMETODE”, which allows us to identify the environmental aspects associated with the operations of the company’s entire production process, from start to finish. This allows us to have a “zero” drainage process.


For us, respect for the environment is not just a temporary position but an attitude, and that is why we have decided to get involved as much as possible, using sustainable packaging, printing on FSC-certified paper all materials such as boxes, catalogues and editorial projects, seeking to reduce CO2 emissions, using alternative energies in our production processes and working with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.

We also have chosen to degrease the parts using water washing and biodegradable detergents. The “Power coat” technique allows us to cover the handle with no impact on nature. The galvanized finishing process of our handles is also fully environmentally friendly and we are reviewing and incorporating new methods that reduce the negative impact on our planet.

At Groël, we will continue to focus on respectful production because it has been our leitmotif since the beginning of the brand, because the industry is getting closer and closer to this philosophy and because we are always looking to the future. Think, continue, grow, design and manufacture innovative, elegant, surprising and beautiful handles… because we owe it to nature and we want to give back what is in our hands. You can call us dreamers, in the meantime we will continue working on a very real project.