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Trends in decoration 2020: humanized minimalism

contemporist - design ideas for wood batten wall

Source: Contemporist

Minimalism never goes out of fashion due to its ability to bring luminosity to spaces and highlight small details in a diaphanous room without superfluous elements. The sense of spatiality is an important factor, so in this style, the elements should always breathe, be simple and be distributed with extreme care.

The sense of order is an innate characteristic of the minimalism, prioritizing geometry and the creation of very clean planes with furniture, walls and other elements used in interior design.

Order is a fundamental factor when creating a space where minimalism is the protagonist.


contemporist - minimalist room

Source: Contemporist

The latest: humanized minimalism

Nowdays, the current minimalism is evolving towards a new style: humanized minimalism. This new style is characterized by being a more humanized type of decoration, and less cold. This style combines with other two trending ones: Wabi Sabi and Japandi. These two new aesthetic tendencies blend Nordic and Japanese philosophies, using elements that also bring elegance and timelessness.

To put these into practice, the best option is to combine the white color with neutral tones, and to add warm materials such as pine, oak or vaporized beech. The love for nature is shown at home and for this, we will support it with wood and small plants. Bamboo and paper are materials that also combine very well in aesthetic spaces of Japandi style.

Another tip that we propose is: use few furniture, the essentials ones, in clear and natural tones. Although it will also be possible to combine them with smaller pieces in darker shades, preferably made of tinted wood.

In the color palette should predominate the color white, gray, pale pink… Colors that in contrast with medium tones, such as beige, ochre or earth tones, will bring warmth.

Groël presents the minimal palette

In this type of decoration, plants, ceramics and paintings with geometric elements and few colors are elements to be taken into account. On the other hand, black and white photographs in very large formats will be the key to give personality. These keys will eliminate the excess of sobriety of the minimalism and will help to create a more personal space. Simplicity is a must.

groel palette

Groël presents the minimal palette


The Wabi Sabi style and minimalism

On the other hand, the Wabi Sabi style is characterized by highlighting imperfections. Therefore, we will make a great contribution to the minimalist style with certain details of this type of trend. If you are restoring, you can keep an old wall with paint peeling or with imperfections in its corners framing it in a white and minimalist environment, a very clean effect. Ceramics or certain restored vintage elements can also enhance the warmth we are seeking.

Groël’s bet for a humanized minimalism

Groël is committed to providing the latest trends in door levers. For this reason, the brand has different door levers that are more than adequate to be incorporated into a humanized minimalist style environment. Groël has different designs in different finishes such as chrome, graphite, white or black. Finishes that combine very well with this kind of minimalism and that will help you to create a modern and avant-garde home.

For example, the door lever 135 SEN.SO is a robust and functional handle that does not lose its elegance. The curved shapes merge with the straight lines to create a piece with a simple design that tends toward minimalism.

And without a doubt, this is just an example of everything that Groël can provide to your home, helping you to take care of even the smallest detail.


Minimalist Manille

Minimalist Manille

Minimalist Manille

Minimalist Manille


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