Since 1998 we have been manufacturing handles following criteria of excellence in all phases of production, offering designs that defy time.

Clear ideas, a positive vision and an unwavering desire of improvement is what our team of young and active professionals treasures, consistent with reality but always looking to the future.

For this reason, all our handles are made using creative handcrafted resources and investing in technology to optimize product’s quality and protect the environment.

Our motto

The handle is not a banal object but the harmonic way with which it connects our hand with the home.

“The handle is part of the common objects of our lives, those to which we rarely pay attention because we use them continuously and daily. However, when a handle malfunctions, when its quality is questionable or its design is poor, we realize that our well-being depends on small details and we begin to fully appreciate that an object such as the handle is essential for us. let us feel comfortable in our home”.

Daniel & Carlos Torregrosa.





Raw materials

Following this same objective, at Groël we establish strict guidelines so that our raw materials meet the highest quality standards, progressively reducing contaminant levels, especially in brass: an essential material in our production process.

And, for this we use:
Brass ingots manufactured according to the UNI-EN-1982-2000 standard.
Bar in brass for bar turning according to TN UNI EN 12164 CW 614N M.
Brass bar for stamping according to UNI EN CW617N.

Many reasons for which Groël is firmly committed to quality, and whose result is visible in each of our handles.


We carefully comply with environmental legislation and regulations, betting on a
management model based on a sustainable economy.

Writing words full of good intentions is simple, the difficult it is complying with them day after day.

We take the environment very seriously. For this reason, we not only have a Manual of Good Environmental Practices, but we apply strict ecological policies to all its products, involving suppliers, collaborators and workers to be a socially responsible company that complies with environmental legislation and regulations and is committed to a model management based on sustainable economy.

How do we put it into practice?

Innocuous materials. Carrying out the degreasing of parts by washing with water and biodegradable detergents, as well as applying water-based varnishes that are not harmful to the environment.

Innocuous materials. Carrying out the degreasing of parts by washing with water and biodegradable detergents, as well as applying water-based varnishes that are not harmful to the environment.


It is a technical process using plasma of ionized titanium gas that covers the surface of the
handle giving it an amazing resistance. In addition to being a hypoallergenic process and Zero
environmental impact. For technological reasons, an occasional shade tolerance in this process should be considered normal.

The power coat provides lifelong results. Consistently optimizing quality at each step, we achieve excellence by applying our last touch of power coat.

Behind our models we deeply investigate their past and project it towards the
future applying the latest technology: POWER COAT.

Cromo III

It is a process with CHROME III trivalent chrome that is totally respectful with the environment and highly resistant.

Thickness chrome for satin surfaces. Increases resistance to corrosion and
daily use


Using state-of-the-art water-based varnishes we manage to enhance the beauty of the materials
following the strictest sustainability standards.


EPOXY lacquer with high adhesion and high resistance to environmental agents (ISO
9227) and ultraviolet radiation (EN ISO 13474-2 2014).


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