We are back with our most classic designs

The whole team is back with our classics!

This year we have many projects in hand, as well as new models, new ideas and great collaborations.

We have made this collection in order to recall the power of designs that gained international recognition for their character and nature.

Following Emerson's premise, at Groël we aim above target to reach it. For this reason, since our inception we have created models that have become iconic with unparalleled design and quality, striving for the highest standards to meet our customers' expectations. Furthermore, the Groël team formed by young professionals with unique, innovative and special concerns, which is why we firmly believe that variety is the spice of life. That is why we manage to divide our icons into different styles or designs for any environment and atmosphere, versatile and unique.

In the field of art, we speak of classic icons when something or someone is taken as a reference, as a role model, as a source of inspiration. A film, a canvas or a song that never goes out of fashion, that is known by adults and young people equally, that can be included in any everyday context and does not go unnoticed, but without being redundant. Our classic icons correspond to the handles of our Atelier collection, characterised by refinement, exquisiteness and taste. Among the handles in this range we find such original designs as the Chérie handle, made with an ebony wood handle that contrasts with its brass elements, perfect for avant-garde environments that are looking for a different touch. Another example from the same range is the Manega handle, whose timeless, distinctive and timeless design is capable of modernise the most classic interiors thanks to its detailed composition. To round off this selection of iconic classics, there is a door handle whose design is timeless and does not go out of fashion, while remaining true to tradition. The Palline handle represents a renewed classic style with meticulous and radiant details on its handle, whose presence stands out in any environment.

As far as the world of avant-garde and contemporary design is concerned, an icon refers to an element that stands out for its versatility, its chameleon-like capacity and its mimetic style due to its eternal beauty and nature. Within our range of contemporary handles we find two types: the more imposing, with more personality and marked angles, such as the Baci, the Log.gic, the Special or the Tendenza, and the more gentle, delicate and undulating, such as the Vol.la or the Helice, characterised by the twist of their profiles that gives them movement.

Last but not least, it should be noted that classic is often confused with rustic or iconic. Well, it’s time to talk about the icon of our rustic collection, the Maria handle. A romantic, warm, close and natural touch is what characterises this handle. An essential element for any home or environment that seeks to stand out for its closeness.


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