Innovation and elegance at Maderalia 2024

This month, were at Maderalia 2024 fair, and our presence was much more than just a stand; it was a vibrant showcase of quality, design, and fun.🚪😀

From the moment visitors set foot in our space, they were immersed in a world where brass was one of the protagonists, drawing striking glances.The design of our stand was the first magnet for attendees. In the history of architecture, the arch is known as the only constructive solution that allowed large openings in masonry or brick walls in ancient times. Therefore, when we think of an element as characteristic as the arch, it's very likely that the first things that come to mind are real castles, Renaissance-era buildings, powerful spaces, and very distinctive elements that have great strength and have lived unique experiences over the years.

Including arches in our stand involved knowing how to fuse elegance and modernity with the warmth provided by earthy tones, the coziness of the lighting, and the freshness of the plants. In this way, we captured the essence of our brand: innovation and customization. But what really caught the eye when discovering our luminous stand were our handles and accessories made from solid brass bars. The strength and beauty of the raw material did not go unnoticed; each piece stood out with unmatched quality.

Our focus on quality and design was reflected not only in our designer door handles but also in the experience we offered visitors. From product demonstrations to conversations with our team, each interaction was an opportunity to show our passion for what we do.
In a market saturated with options, standing out is no easy task. However, at Maderalia 2024, we demonstrated that the combination of quality, design, and a focus on continuous improvement can open doors and create opportunities. In the wonderful world of interior design, where colors compete for attention and trends change as swiftly as the seasons, there are quiet heroes that maintain their timeless appeal: neutrals. Far from being bland or boring, neutrals are the unsung champions of the design world, providing a serene backdrop for bold accents or bestowing a minimalist, elegant aesthetic all on their own. At Groël, we are pioneers in joining an interior design aesthetic to project our brass accessories. We received comments about our stand such as, "it looks like a luxury and design store, and they have had very good taste in making it." We will continue to raise the standard of quality from the first to the last piece and make custom projects a reality. Here's to another 25 years!


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