Decoration trends for autumn 2022.

Vibrant colors, recycled materials, wallpaper with abstract patterns, vintage pieces and lots of vegetation.

Interior decoration becomes more eclectic and fun than ever.



Minimalism is characterized by simplicity and straight lines, but do not forget the functionality of all elements. The order has to be present, and for this you must choose few furniture but do it well: all must have sense and a function within the set. Spaces where serenity is breathed with furniture with straight lines and smooth fronts, and where light reigns with light colors and some black accent to gain contrast, such as the IBIZA handle in Powercoat graphite finish.




This style takes the best of the Nordic style and adds elements characteristic of Japanese interior design: more elements of natural wood, fibers of vegetable origin such as wicker, jute or bamboo and more earth tones. Another key to this trend is to add to our decoration classic elements from Japan, such as screens, tatamis, very low seats or lamps with paper screens.

The SPECIAL handle with brown paint coating is ideal for environments with this style. Delicacy and purity in its pure state.




Adding natural elements in their most organic state, such as clay pieces without gloss layer, stone elements, microcement or untreated wood furniture, helps us to create an environment in line with nature. If you are going to renew your furniture or decoration accessories this 2022, opt for fibers and natural materials.

The SOKOL handle in matt bronze finish, is ideal for natural style environments.



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